Josh Whitesell

"I have played 13 professional seasons including the big leagues with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the big leagues of Japan and I can say without a doubt that The Tee is the best tool for hitting I've ever used. Everyone from t-ball to the majors can benefit from hitting off The Tee. Durable and easy to use I would start every one of my hitting sessions with The Tee. I firmly believe I wouldn't of been able to have the baseball career I had without my tee work. I consider it crucial to the development of the swing and in my opinion there isn't a better constructed tee on the market."

Todd Gowin

National Field Director at I Love Baseball (ILB)

"I'm elated with your product. As a facility owner I have tried, I believe, nearly every tee known to man. The problem has always boiled down to quality and durability. There was truly nothing that would take the heavy usage we subject our tees to on a daily basis at our training center. Your tee is the first and only that has held up under extreme usage. We were so thrilled with it we had to buy more. The next step for us will be sending some down to our program in the Dominican Republic. Coaches and administrators from our local little league were so impressed with "The Tee" that they approached me about where and how they could get these Tee's. Thank You!"

Nick Belmonte

Former Minor League Champion, Salt Lake Trappers Manager

"We used "The Tee" at the 2013 Florida Minor League Camp. Our pro hitters were very impressed at the design and durability of this tee. The combination of the bottom weight and the flexibility at the top makes this product a must have for the serious hitter."

Matt Gerringer

Co-Founder of Ballplayer Network

"Working with The Hitting Tee company has been an absolute pleasure, the product is amazing and they really care about the work they're doing. I would recommend this tee to any player who's serious about their development!"

Mark Brown

San Lorenzo Valley High School, Felton, CA

"Our kids love these tees. They are simple to use and provide great flexibility with our training. We try to purchase equipment that is durable, improve the skills of our players, and keep our athletes motivated to use them. Your tees satisfy all three of these requirements. I have a handful of tees that are rarely used because our players prefer your tees. I like the durability, and they travel well. Thanks for a great product."

Rachel Pacheco

De Anza College Softball

"This is a great product. "The Tee" is durable, light, easy to adjust, and easy to store. "The Tee" has two different types of adjustments for changing the height on pitches. I like this product because it has lasted longer than any other tee I have had. The top of "The Tee" is durable and solid. Other tees I've had in the past have cracked or split in half. This tee is easy to cart around if you are a hitting coach, and easy to carry to tournaments. My team has used "The Tee" for 2 years now and I haven’t had one complaint about any part of it breaking. I choose "The Tee."

Jake McKinley

Director of Baseball Operations, Sacramento State University

"The durability and flexibility offered by "The Tee" gives any player and program the ultimate opportunity to improve. I guarantee that any coach who tries "The Tee" will never look elsewhere again. Our players love them."

Reggie Christiansen

Head Baseball Coach

"I can say without question that "The Tee" is the best tee I've seen in my 12 year coaching career. I have no intentions of ever using another tee here at Sac State. The design is flawless and makes our hitters better every day."

Chris Lewis

Assistant Coach, Cambellsville University

"The Tee" is the best tee on the market, hands down. It's the most durable tee I have ever seen or used. I have tried all the other tees in the past, but they all have the same problems, they aren't durable enough, or they fall over too often. "The Tee" has a great base that makes it almost impossible to knock over and the components of the tee are extremely durable, and if maintenance is required, anybody can do it in under a minute. This tee is built so well and so easy to use, it is appropriate for all ages. I will never use another tee."

Steve Janssen

Assistant Varsity Coach, Branham High School

"The Hitting Tee is unlike any of the old outdated tees made of rubber that get beaten up in half a season. We have used this tee since it was first made 8 years ago and we are still using the original ones we purchased. We have since purchased some of the newer models and I know they will hold up for many more years. Our players like them and we use them because they are made so solid and they stand by their workmanship. Every team should use them."

Lori Stuart

Proud TBall Mama, Cambell League

"The Tee has been wonderful for our TBall team! So much easier to adjust than the league-issued, rubber one. My friends, with kids in Majors, convinced me to call about it, and I'm so glad they did. The customer service, quick turn around, and making it in our team color were all awesome. I would highly recommend this product and company to anyone involved in Little League!"

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