Frequently Asked Questions

What if "The Tee" Breaks?

"The Tee" offers a 2 year limited warranty on ALL products. However, we do review all warranty claims on any of our products.

Does "The Tee" manufacture anything else?

Yes! "The Tee" also offers "The Bucket Tee" and "The Bucket Tee" Insert.

Are there any attachments for "The Tee?"

Yes! "The Tee" also offers "The Perfect Tee" attachment and "The Insider Tee" attachment.

Can I customize my tee?

Yes, we customize "The Tee." Contact us today to design your own hitting tee for any team or academy.

What is unique about "The Tee?"

"The Tee" features -Delron rod and polyurethane cupping for superior durability and maximum strength -Stainless steel rods -Metal locking system for stability adjustment -Heavy weight base that is durable and sturdy

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